UQ Cyber Squad began in 2019 as a binary exploitation community. Since then, we have grown as a complement to the University’s cyber security programme. We have attracted students from various disciplines and expertise, creating an extracurricular experience in cyber security and one of the premier competition teams in Australia. As of January 2022, we are officially affiliated with both UQ Union and UQ Cyber. Our goal for 2023 is to sow the seeds that grow into the ultimate cyber security competition team in Australia.

Since our formation, our members have competed in capture the flags, crisis management competitions, hackathons, and red vs blue battlegrounds. Our founding members have become well known in Australian and International cyber security circles. Their knowledge has been shared with our current members so that Cyber Squad will continue a legacy of being fierce competitors in cyber security challenges.

Your sponsorship provides a direct link to active and passionate cyber security students with diverse backgrounds and specialities. Your investment will directly benefit future cyber security professionals, as well as gaining for your business the direct attention of students interested in your field.

Through our partnership with UQ Cyber, we have access to a world-class War Room as well as a model Security Operations Centre. With our unique access to these spaces as our home base, our members are able to supercharge their connections with each other and external partners.